working pandas

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Now on the last straight line before our 10 trainees hit us with their questions, and inspire us with their work. Before we get there (monday 25th), we still have a few (10) scenes to have a look at, challenge, and be beaten by until... the revelation of their meaning takes us.

Our Pandas are always searching, struggling, and more often than not against their own will, discovering what lies beneath the surface, of movement, of thought, of feeling.

Their way into the text is starting to pay off, and I am happy to report that what seemed the impossible is becoming more and more an open door, a way into a rich world of poetry and meaning, an ever surprising and daring presence in the very fabric of the actor.

It is difficult at this stage not to use metaphores or imagery to describe the various phenomeni I am observing in the performers these days, but so is the fruit of the unknown; a new taste, a new shape, a new emotion thankfully not yet described by words.

More to come in the next few days I am sure, to be described in detail or left to our (your) imagination, but certainly as exiting.