shinning pandas

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Tonight the pandas have offered a real treat of theatre, mixing movement, Shakespeare's texts and music in the most organised chaos I have ever seen, and yet making sense of all. 45 minutes of pure pleasure, tears and laughter, meaning and question.

This is the performative structure which we will present to an audience starting tomorrow, and I have all the faith that it will stand the risk of being witnessed. What I have experienced today is the birth of our performance, some will say a long time coming, I would argue just at the right moment, when it is ripe, or ready to grow on its own feet.

The pandas were shinning tonight, with a sense of togetherness and meaningfull relations that would have the best companies out there being envious of their skill, if not of their discoveries. But dont take my work for it; as always, come and make your own mind, this work has to be experienced, not talked about.