ready panda go!

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Tonight the trainees opened the door of their working space to a few kind visitors, showing their process in the making in what has been our last session together.

It has been three delightful and inquisitive weeks of research and training for all of us. I am very thankful to their energy and open mind to what might have seem at times strange and demanding propositions of work. They followed the flow, of impulses, words and actions with cheerful enthousiasm that made our journey together an absolute pleasure.

Thanks also to the support of the Company, who had to nurture their progress and come to rehearsals the second part of the day, the work is growing in our bodies and in our minds.

We open next week our third and final phase of this Residency, and will meet our audience next on the 28th for a presentation of our work. Don Quixote here we come!