hibernating pandas

Posted by: Matteo in Don Quixote Blog on Sep 07, 2011

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We've packed our bags, given back the keys, bid farewell, and scattered once again all over Europe and the World!

Our work still echoing in our bodies and our souls, there was no sadness, but exitement about what was still to achieve, and looking forward to well deserved rest.

Projects are underway to find our next host, Finland, Iceland, Poland, maybe even South East England! Soon we hope to be together again and finish climbing this Everest of theatre! I feel we are near, Camp one has been reached, the weather allowing we should be able to make it up there in no time... a few months perhaps!

In the waiting, films to edit, contacts to make, new projects (shorter, down to earth) to be realised, works is not what is missing.

The pandas are at rest, digesting the phenomenal amount of work achieved, the images, the movement, the newly discovered continent...