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Sur la route boueuse et noire

Le brouillard ne se leve pas

Un chariot grincant transporte

Ma roulotte delavee, mon theatre.



When I was six, we went to Greece and lived on the beach, the mediterranean rhythm relantlessly shaping our nights and dancing our dreams. I spent a whole day building a sand castle, protecting it from the sea. That night the sea took it back, the soft waves eating away my work and leaving soon a flat surface of sand where no trace of my glory could be found. I cried. The next morning I looked at the sea and left the sand to her, letting my imagination recall and re-buit the castle, but my hands only feeling the wind.

We are now entering our final phase of work at the Grotowski Institute. Finding and shaping material, repeating actions, clarifying a structure.

Nothing remains of our work, a few images on film that do not start to show what it is like to be in our space or feel our actor's work. With our training we are re-shaping the nature of our relationship to each other and to what surrounds us. Our journeys are internal, within ourselves. 

A structure is starting to emerge, that will make appearant to an audience the journey taken, the shores encountered, the dead-ends and the true discoveries. Few words now can describe what can only be experienced; it is a good sign.

On the 28th of August we will show something of this journey, open the doors of our imagination to an audience. Do come if you are around!