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Here is a quote from Louis Jouvet, sent to us by Nicky, one of the "2011 trainees". As for the Hamlet speech "Speak the word, I pray thee..." it seems a good way of describing what we are trying (and sometimes even succeeding) to do... It goes like this in English :

"You'll only find meaning in the text by trying to speak it, not by acting it. If you try to act it, you'll puff it up, you'll breathe in a certain way that doesnt correspond to the words. It's through the physical sound of the words, through the repetition necessary to speak those words that you'll find the feeling, and that feeling won't be the one you bring to the text through your own little personal emotions." (Louis Jouvet - big big french theatre figure, actor, director)

We are merely trying to speak the text. The rest is music.