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pandas in the making

Posted by: tanya in Don Quixote Blog

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Well here we are in our second week of the Pandas Laboratory.

I call it that (laboratory) because the work we are undertaking is a work of transformation of the actor by herself or himself.

Here the actors take responsability for their process, or their engagement with it, while the director helps by sharing what he sees, observes, knows of his own.

Ours is a theatre where the actors do not simply show a technique or a form they have rehearsed, but rather share with the audience the discoveries, often very personal, on how to be together and relate to each other in a different way than their daily life. The hope is that this is something that the audience come to see and experience for themselves with the actor as the channel(s) for their own transformation.

And so with such a high ambition for our work, and where we take our practice very seriously, we are also humble and not take ourselves too seriously, like the Panda in the film, we are aware of our inadequacies, our failings, our doubts. And like the Panda we understand that there are no secrets (or like Brook!), only practice.

To the writers : we should be able to give you 4-5 scenes to edit by next week-end. We have added quite a bit of text from the original propositions, and are now well on the way to a clear methodology for the meeting between Shakespeare and Don Quixote. A few more days still to be able to share with you.

pandas resting

Posted by: tanya in Don Quixote Blog

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The Pandas took the day off today, after 5 days of intense workshop and training.

Not completely of course, after a morning of leasure and shopping and washing, back to the space for a few hours of "stick work". This is sunday after all!

Note to the writers left in England : we have started work on chapter 6, looking for the methodology of creating the scene from the book, and using the text from shakespeare. My hunch is that it is going to take another week before we can send you our findings for editing and writing a first draft of the scenes. I hope we can get through 5 more before friday.

I am writing down and filming the "best bits". Each actor is working on one character from the whole corpus of S., I have added one more to work on for next week. They should have two characters each, and they can only use one at a time in each scene.

It is remarquable how much the same text (or bits of it) can fit so many different situations, and they are starting to be able to play with the language within the situation in a creative and often very poetic way. William would not have been ashamed. This is going to take some time of course, and it is still only a third of their task for each day.

The singing is getting along as well, and the physical training is going well. So a good first week. We've also worked on the Kalari way of the stick and the Keno way of the stick (lead by Keiko), useful to move and feel and think in a different way than our own training, for the body and the soul!

A good first week.


the Panda sessions

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the PANDA SESSION have just opened. the company is gathered once again and has started work in the welcoming Laboratorium space at the Grotowski Institute for 2 months of painstaking, passionate work on our new production - the improbably and frankly quite daring Don Quixote and Shakespeare. Let the adventure begin...