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Perhaps it is time to explain a little bit more what it is that the Pandas are doing, what they are discovering - how does it work?

Over the last 6 weeks, a group of actors and musicians from 9 different nationalities have trained themselves in Musicality, Text and Movement. Linking these elements together, in their bodies and their voices, to produce a flow of actions/emotions. The basic "concept" (leading to a methodology, or training) is to make a distinction within the actor (body, physicality, voice) between what is "feeling" and what is "emotion".

Our work, or discoveries, lead us to what we have called among ourselves Emotion Actions (by opposition or complementing the notions of Physical Actions and Psychological Actions).

Using the formidable texts of Shakespeare, the actors are able to embody the text in a continous flow (or "inspired" engagement) EVERY SINGLE TIME they are working with it, making sense of the words and the structure of the text in their bodies and their voice. This is done even though they themselves as private individuals have no access to the language/culture of the text (none of the actors are English mother tongue).

The result is the appearance on stage of characters who have been written by Shakespeare 400 hundred years ago and who's essence (or archytypes) are alive in the space and can be clearly identified by the audience.

It is worth to note that these are at the moment in the gestative state : the form of our piece is still to be discovered. The work and events described above are happening within the private context of our laboratory and as such cannot substain yet the unsuspecting eyes of the general public. We hope however that in the next weeks we will be able to produce this work within a performative structure that will support it throughout its meetings with the outside world.

For this we think we have the ideal vehicule in the story and structure of the first European Novel, namely Cervantes' Don Quixote. The juxtapostion of the world of Shakepeare and that of Cervantes (language, energy, imagination, historical time frame) offers unsurpassed paralleles which we hope can bring back to life the birth of the Baroque individual : the discovery and celebration of horizontal relationships, the birth of the Person forgotten today in favor of the ever so self obsessed and self centered Individual.

Of course what precedes are only words, ideas, concepts, all of which have little to do with our everyday practice and that somewhat colors our work with too strong tones and shades. So the best perhaps is not to talk about our work, but simply to meet it.

On the 28th of August, maybe, if the Pan god of the forest allows us...