Unreal City

2012 season :

UNREAL CITY has been performed in BRIGHTON, at the Steiner School on friday 5th october at 7:30pm. This is a charity event created for Brighton Steiner school and on our way to Paris few days later. All proceeds go to the School, a delightful way to support the Company and the School alike.

UNREAL CITY has been performed in PARIS, France, at the Theatre De Menilmontant on monday 8th october 2012 at 8pm. Produced by BITB and Le Ratrait cultural center. Full house and happy audience joined the company for an after show meal at Le Ratrait charity headquarters.

UNREAL CITY has been performed at the 2012 Rose Bruford Theatre Symposium on thursday 19th and friday 20th April,(South-East London) BURNT OAK LANE, SIDCUP, DA15 9DF - entrance free as part of Symposium. In this run of the performance young Icelandic actor Sveinn Asbojornsson stood in for Jeremy Harrison on Music and Voice.



Performed and Created by:
Krystyna Krotowska and Tanya Munday (movement and voice)
Rafa? Habel and Jeremy Harrison (music and voice)

Directed by Matthieu Leloup

Funded by Arts Council South East England (Research and Development Grant). Supported by The Grotowsi Institute, Wroclaw, Poland

Opened at The Grotowski Institute as reseach/performative project to invited audience, Wroclaw, Poland in april 2006, performed in June/July 2006 and july 2008 at the Institute, at the 2007 and 2008 Symposae at Rose Bruford College, Kent and at the LIPA conference, Liverpool in april 2008.

Performed to invited audience at XIIIth European Prize Celebration, Wroclaw, Poland on invitation by the Organisers; and at the Synagogue in Wroclaw as part of the Grotowski Year Program. (2009)

At the origins of the project, Tanya was looking for a performer to double her in her search for making a theatre performance inspired by the poem The Wasteland by T S Eliot. The idea was also to see how two different languages would be able to communicate together on stage, and the choice of Krystyna, a leading actress on the polish theatre scene became evident as they shared their views on the theatre they both loved to make. After several weeks of having completely integrated their movement in the space, I joined them as their outside eye, trying to decipher what was their meeting point, and started to work on a form that would enable that meeting to be shared with an audience.

The band we have created is a jazz band, performing theatre.